We aim to make CapEdge accounts as user-friendly as possible, and collect only a few pieces of information on sign up.  

Sign up

You can use many of the basic CapEdge features without an account, including the filing search. The free sign-up unlocks all data and features, including favorites, a custom dashboard, and new filing email alerts.

On sign-up you need to agree to the CapEdge terms and conditions, which we’ve tried to make as standard and understandable as possible. You may also want to read the privacy policy and cookie policy.

To help you choose a secure password, the only condition we put on the password field is a minimum of 8 characters. We recommend a long, complex password, ideally provided by a secure password manager like 1Password. We use security best-practices to hash passwords and store only their hashed representations.

Log in

Use the log in page to access your account. Check the Remember me box if you’re using a private computer and want to use cookies to automatically log in next time you access the website.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the forgotten password form. The email address needs to be the same one that you signed-up with. After you submit the form, you will receive a password-reset email in the next few minutes. If you don’t receive an email within five minutes, please check your junk folder. Click the link in the email to return to the website and choose a new password for your account.

Edit your profile

If you need to change the name or email address associated with your account, use the edit profile form. You’ll need to re-enter your current password to make any changes, for security reasons. After updating your profile, you’ll also receive a confirmation email.

Change your password

Use the change password form to update your password. For security reasons, you’ll need to enter your current password before you can make a change.

Edit your settings

To change what type of filing email alerts you receive, or to disable them completely, use the edit settings form.

Contact support

If you have any other questions, please use the contact form, or email the support email address listed on your dashboard.