Below is a recap of new features, enhancements and optimizations made to CapEdge.

October 31, 2022


  • Docoh is renamed CapEdge across all services (web, Chrome and iOS)


October 10, 2022

This is the first of what will be a serious of major updates to the website following FINSIGHT's acquisition of Docoh.

New Features

  • Created a new an improved knowledgebase

Interface Changes

  • Docoh will be renamed to CapEdge (likely end of October, stay tuned)
  • Re-organized the order of pages in top navigation to group thematically
  • Re-organized the order of pages in filer profiles to group thematically
  • Moved the subnavigation from below the page title to below the top navigation to make it more intuitive what pages are available to explore
  • Added company footer that links back to other products and key pages
  • Moved filing viewer controls from the right to the left and reorganized controls

Enhancements (to existing features)

  • Added result types (Company, Profile, Fund, Fund Mgr) to predictive search results; wordsmithed to improve clarity and reprioritized results algorithm to improve relevance
  • Added additional data to key tables on the homepage, namely market cap and company names where they were missing
  • Added more data to the transcripts table (company name, market cap)
  • Reorganized and re-balanced filer profiles

Optimizations (behind the scenes improvements

  • Upgraded elastic search and servers to improve speed

Removed Features & Charts

  • Removed Google Ads, we hate them
  • Removed data dump charts on homepage and filer profiles as they were not relevant to most users most of the time