SEC Filings are published on CapEdge within seconds or minutes after being released and disseminated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  These Filings, made by SEC-registered Filers (Registrants) pursuant to Federal law, contain SGML-tagged metadata and Documents that are forever in the “public domain” as a result of being filed.  While CapEdge indexes and parses this public information that is freely available in the public domain, it does not change its contents when reproducing them on (or any FINSIGHT property, where applicable).

Our Policy - Corrections

If you seek to make a correction to your registrant information or the contents of a Filing, such as your name, address, phone number, or some Filing-specific piece of information (in the Submission metadata), you or your Filing Agent must directly contact EDGAR® Filer Support (at +1 202-551-8900) and ask the SEC to correct the information in their official databases.  We ("CapEdge", or "FINSIGHT" or "this Web site") are not the SEC and are not authorized to edit or amend any filings.  We therefore cannot, pursuant to SEC Rules & Regulations, change their databases for you.  If the SEC does correct any Submission metadata, such as a “Filed as of” or an “Effective on” date, our database will be re-indexed and it will be noted within a Document/Exhibit in the Filing.  CapEdge faithfully publishes everything exactly as processed by the EDGAR Internet Site Subsystem and transmitted by the EDGAR Public Dissemination Service (PDS), so any metadata correction made by the SEC will automatically get reflected in our database, whether or not you requested the correction, provided that the change is disseminated by the PDS to Web sites like ours and the SEC’s.  

Note that changes to the SEC’s website that are simply made by its Webmasters will not get disseminated to us, because their Web site is not the PDS.  SEC employees manage their Web site, but the PDS is operated separately under contract by a private-sector company.

Our Policy - Deletions

By law, SEC Filings are forever in the “public domain” once they are filed and disseminated, whether via paper or electronically.  To the best of our knowledge, for many reasons, ranging from public policy to practical considerations, there is no Federal or State law, rule or regulation that does or even could mandate the absolute deletion of SEC Filings or any of their contents.  

As such, our policy is that we will not delete any filing from our system. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us.