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Free SEC EDGAR filing email alert sent from Docoh

Real-time filing alerts

CapEdge sends almost real-time email alerts for new filings from your favorite companies/stocks, within a minute of them being filed with SEC EDGAR. To add a favorite company, use the search box above to search by a stock ticker or company name, then click the star on the company dashboard. You can also add favorites from your dashboard and upload them in bulk via CSV.

Favorite companies list on Docoh dashboard

Powerful search alerts

With favorite searches, you can also get email alerts for new filings that match any search condition, so that you can stay updated on a technology, product, theme or any other investment idea.

Filing search results email alerts

Choose filing types

If you don’t want to receive email alerts for all filings from your favorite companies, simply update your settings to filter alerts by filing groups: Financial Reports (e.g. 10-K annual reports and 10-Q quarterly reports), Company News (e.g. 8-K and 6-K), Registration and Prospectus, Proxies, or choose specific filing types.

Full filing text

Unlike many free SEC filing alert services, CapEdge alerts for favorite companies contain the entire text of the main filing in the email. No need to click-through to a website to read the filing, and it’s ready in your inbox archive for offline access should you need it.

8-K press releases

A filing often contains multiple files, so CapEdge is intelligent about which one it emails you. For example, it will send the main file for 10-K and 10-Q financial reports, but the attached press release file (known as exhibit 99.1 or 99) for 8-K and 6-K news filings.

Manage your alerts

It’s easy to browse and edit all of your favorite companies and searches from your personal dashboard, so that you always know what alerts you have set up.